Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Usha Shriram has built its success through developing "better" products manufactured / marketed by our Associate Vendors/ Licensees under company supervision. Our associates are responsible for our growth as much we are responsible for their growth.

The Future

Usha Shriram will build its future business success on the traditional strengths of the "Usha Shriram Way" of doing business and by strengthening our brands and also by consciously cultivating the entrepreneurial skills of our people.

The four "Usha Shriram Values" are:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Respect for the individual
  • Achievement
  • Continuous learning & improvement.

Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction involves three major areas. They are :

  • Discovering customer needs,
  • Bringing value to the customer and
  • Respecting and caring for the customer.

The customer is one of the main reasons for our existence and success, and thus they need to be given our foremost attention.

Respect for the individual: By open and frank communication and fair treatment on all occasions, we can show respect for the individual employees. People should be able to depend on each other and mutually trust each other. Teamwork is the hallmark of our growth. Our employees enjoys their work and know what they are supposed to do.

Achievement: To operate successfully, we need to have shared vision and goals. We need to have the will to win in all aspects. And most of all we need appreciation and feedback on tasks completed and a system of incentives and awards for achievers. It is not Us Vs Them but Us with Them.

Continuous Learning: We need to support people in their personal growth and encourage learning new things. Also, sometimes, we need to accept failure, and to learn from it. There is no place for complacency, we need to be alert willing to change, and willing to adapt to new situations. The world moves fast and we have to move faster to succeed. We should remain humble and keep an open mind for new ideas and directions. We need to constantly train ourselves and spend time to train our people.